INTERNET IDEAS LTD is a Digital Business Development Partner and agency of intelligent online advertising that specializes in the development and implementation of educational and non-standard online projects and advertising campaigns.

We help experts, authors, thought leaders and businesses to create practical expertise based services (coaching, educational workshops) and digital products (online course, eBooks, online classes, membership programs, academies, webinars, etc.) and deliver it to targeted customers online in a simple and easy manner.

We gain our expertise since 2000 in the design, development and promotion of online projects and businesses.


To design sustainable and scalable online brands for businesses, individual experts, authors and thought leaders with exceptional speed-to-market.


To create a flexible international environment for a digital generation to build expert online brands that
inspire and change the lives of millions people globally. 


  • INTEGRITY: accepting the responsibility to deliver consistently high quality and to honestly own
    problems as part of a strong working relationship.
  • DEDICATION: belief in the work and the willingness to persevere towards achieving goals.
  • LOYALTY: a reciprocal relationship of trust, support and reward established through shared beliefs and
  • EXPERTISE: using high level, experience-based knowledge to deliver transformative results.
  • CREATIVITY: the ability to visualize and execute innovative solutions through a synthesis of knowledge
    and personal experience.
  • FLEXIBILITY: the openness and freedom of action that creates a healthy and highly productive work


Martin Jokub

Founder, CEO

Digital Business Architect & Full-Stack Marketer. Working with digital projects development since year 2000. Educational video projects director, producer and publisher. Bachelor in Computers Hardware & Information Systems.

Aiste Jokub

Co-Founder, COO

Certified Ads Manager with 7 years of practical experience. Bachelor of Business Administration. International Yoga Teacher.