Digital Advertising

We create, launch and optimize your ad campaigns on Facebooks, Google Adwords, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and other digital channels

Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Youtube ads, etc. These are just different digital channels. Display, search, video, voice advertising – it's just the form of communication in these different channels.

We see that marketers and some agencies like to over-complicate everything and introduce new traffic sources or channels with really fancy words and give them very specific names, so no one from the non-marketing industry (and even from it) can understand what it means, but at least it sounds very smart and futuristic.

But in reality, a new form of advertising means there is a new channel where you can reach people and there are some forms of how you can deliver your message to these people through that channel. 

That's it!

Everything else about digital advertising is just fancy words saying the same things.

Sure, all channels have different rules, limitations, and features, but all of them give you the same result – they drive traffic to your business. We are not saying targeted traffic because ad networks don't care about it, but they give you the tools that help you filter out just the right audiences you are targeting. Some channels, with the help of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, do it amazingly; some of them are just at the beginning of this AI race. Since 2006 we have tested and worked with almost every possible digital advertising channel and ad form on the planet.

Intelligent Online Advertising

  • One size does not fit all needs.
    We look at each business as individual. Different business goals requires different approach in advertising. 
  • Primary or Cold traffic campaigns
    We will help you from ad ideas to final creatives and ad copy. Audience distillation, Communication strategy adoption to customer profiles (avatars), video ads production, Copywriting services, Ads testing, Ads optimization. The main goal here to get attention of cold strangers online and convert them into your prospect leads.
  • Retargeting or Warm/Hot traffic campaigns
    Sales are the process, the journey your customers goes through. We automate your communication to make it right for each process and lead your prospect through sales journey and convince them to become your customers online or book a call with your sales team.