Tailored services just for you

We consult on almost every digital business aspect or can connect to someone from our network who can help you. We have practical experience with digital projects from strategic side to the full execution of projects.

We help experts, authors and thought leaders convert their knowledge to self sustainable, self scalable business based on your expertise and our experience. We coach you through the full process, so you can easier build your business.

Funnels, business processes, strategy maps - you name it. The goal here is to build for you strong and vital digital business strategy, based on your business model and goals. Put every piece of the puzzle on one map.

Video ads, company introduction, company/product stories, funnel videos, online classes, onboarding processes, podcasts, webinars, etc. We help you with all your business media production from A to Z.

Need a simple website like this one and a hosting plan to store your files on internet, get emails and control your business online?

We have all needed solution to make your business accessible online.

We believe in synergies and teams. When right people meet to achieve something unordinary - the magic happens. The last decade we were actively involved  in development of few tech startups. Need experienced for co-founders?

They Say



"Marketing consultation was very professional. I was really impressed. I think that you are offering adds the most value to business.

You guys made it (the video shooting service) easy to work with. we had schedule beforehand, we knew what todo, we knew how todo it. We practice it the day before, so everything was just perfect."

Milana Jasinskyte

Yoga Trainer

"I had never done any professional marketing until I got to work with Aiste Jokub. It had always seem to be expensive and hardly measured service. As a yoga studio owner, running non a million euro business, I naturally tried to save hence I did everything myself. Everyone knows how that feels - everything is late, not everything completed, so on and so forth. I was overwhelmed.

But with one project, which was Yoga Teacher Training, I decided to ask for help. Aiste was the one who did the work from A to Z (which was such a convenient experience as I could not imagine myself working with corporation, I did not want to switch from one employee to another). After I did my part in communication what my project is all about, everything else was done for me.

Results talk best: my training was sold out in 7 days. I wanted max 15 people, 16 signed up and 4 are on the waiting list. For that reason, I opened another enrollment for fall which I did not plan.

Responsible. Professional. Listening and hearing. Flexible. Precise. Elegant. Beautiful work. Gratitude for your service."

Dorota Walters

HR Specialist

"Martin is unique business leader. His head is full of knowledge, ideas, positive attitude and curiosity.

I also believe that every client who might be considering hiring Martin's agency services can stop thinking about it now - just trust him. He'll get you there."

Brad Furber

Venture Finance Expert, Lawyer, Angel investor, Company advisor

"I met Martin and his team in 2008, initially to mentor me through the creation of minimal viable funnel. They did a great job. We produced a video that performed very well.  I was looking for team that understands digital media, understand how to create quality digital media and also understands how to market it. It was a pleasure, I really enjoyed it. Everybody is talented and committed."

Kat Smith &
Matt Connolley

Web Developers

"Martin is an expert in helping people like us to decide what we want to say and encouraging us to say it in a way that connects with customers. He taught us how to empathize with our audience, how to speak to them in a way they'll understand, and how to make our video interesting - more than just an introduction."

Read more about case study here

Alexander Paruschke

Management Consultant

"I'm working with huge corporation in Germany, Benelux, UK and Spain. Important part of my work is explaining to clients of how to setup digital twins in terms of business models and pass from analogue world to digital world and how to structure and manage that change.

Martin had the right expertise and knowledge regarding setting up online marketing processes, packaging services in order to be sold and marketed online.

In terms of my own business I wanted go along down that patch of digitalizing my own work and creating small digital twins that would be able to be sold online and be able to be scaled than always providing physical services to clients around the globe.

Martin showed much broader view how to get out there, how to structure information in the way that it might make sense and might be interesting to target audience who is receiving that information digitally.

Martin is the person who gives you his hand and guides you. He is there at every stage of the process whereas  when you contracting marketing agencies which cares and provide you with needed service, but which is in a much more impersonal way. I'm happy to be able to work with Martin and I'm very excited about the results."