Various digital business topics can be delivered and adapted to your business needs. Workshops can be held on your location/our location directly or remotely.


We help experts, authors, thought leaders to prepare themselves to act in front of the camera and deliver high level content, train themselves to deliver content for online audiences.


We support experts from the idea of marketing project you want to create, to the film directing, so you can stay on track and deliver consistent content.


Digital strategy, Digital marketing, projects managing, video production, technical questions and solutions, personalized situation analysis, advertising creation, digital projects KPI tracking and analysis, digital publishing legal advices, digital business management, social media strategy, etc.

Other services

We consult on almost every digital business aspect or can connect to someone from our network who can help you. We have practical experience with digital projects from strategic side to the full execution of projects.

We help experts, authors and thought leaders convert their knowledge to self sustainable, self scalable business based on your expertise and our experience. We coach you through the full process, so you can easier build your business.

Funnels, business processes, strategy maps - you name it. The goal here is to build for you strong and vital digital business strategy, based on your business model and goals. Put every piece of the puzzle on one map.

Video ads, company introduction, company/product stories, funnel videos, online classes, onboarding processes, podcasts, webinars, etc. We help you with all your business media production from A to Z.

Need a simple website like this one and a hosting plan to store your files on internet, get emails and control your business online?

We have all needed solution to make your business accessible online.

We believe in synergies and teams. When right people meet to achieve something unordinary - the magic happens. The last decade we were actively involved  in development of few tech startups. Need experienced for co-founders?