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We provide fully managed hosting space on our dedicated Web Server with Direct Admin panel in London's LINX LON1 Data center (Speed line 100G).

  • Unlimited: Domains, Pop3/IMAP Emails, Forwarders, Mailing Lists, FTP accounts, Inodes, MySQL databases, etc.
  • Super fast SSD hard drives
  • 6* levels customized backup system.
  • PHP 5.4 and PHP 7.4 support per account.
  • Constant server software and security updates
  • Dedicated Support
  • Hosting Space from 2GB & 100 GB transfer.
  • Annual payment only: from 50€ per 2GB/Year.

* Backups are made daily locally. Backups copies are made every second day into separate Amazon S3 storage (holding 3 last versions per week). Once per month we store backups on separate drives we own physically. For managed WordPress project we make backups to Google Drive (Twice per day for database and once for whole project). Every week datacenter makes backups of whole virtual machine. Once per month we do separate server snapshots of virtual machine.

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  • 2GB + 100 GB transfer | 50€/year (Shared)
  • 4GB + 200 GB transfer | 95€/year (Shared)
  • 5GB + 250 GB transfer | 140€/year (Shared)
  • 10GB + 500 GB transfer | 250€/year (Shared)
  • 20GB + 1.5 TB transfer | 400€/year (Shared)
  • 50GB + 2 TB transfer | 600€/year (Shared)
  • 80GB + 4 TB transfer | 750€/year (dedicated)
  • 160GB + 5 TB transfer | 900€/year (dedicated)
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