Media production

We help companies and individuals with video and audio production projects. From ads for digital advertising to company/event introduction videos. Podcasts producing, live events streaming, etc.


Video Ad story example for social media campaigns
We launched 20+ versions of similar video ad to attract ~5000 leads.

Venture Finance Masterclass offer introduction
Video filmed and produced remotely interview
Video filmed and produced remotely

Venture Finance Webinar
Full live webinar launch, participants traction and webinar hosting

Venture Finance Masterclass demo

Venture Finance Podcast

We managed whole project from production to final video products, like: Full funnel video stories, video ads for social networks, customized quiz video results, thank you videos, testimonials videos, etc. Two Online Masterclasses (total 6+ hours). Podcast episodes. We produced dozens of videos for 4 different versions of the marketing funnels. We shooted videos both in studios in Warsaw and Valencia, and remotely (Basel, Switzerland and Kiev, Ukraine).

All videos on the website and internal products are produced and created and managed by our team and in collaboration of our partners.

Global Business Owners Club presentation

Madrid Chapter President Speech and club introduction to guests

#2nd GBO Podcast:
The taste of the club

We created story script and managed whole video filming session and editing process. Produced main GBO introduction video and 2 onboarding video courses (~20 videos) for members and chapters presidents. Also we produced GBO Podcast the first five episodes.


Bellow you can learn more about our video production process


We provide you creative ideas how you can achieve your goals with video, audio and other media formats.


We help you to prepare scripts for video stories and ads.

Pre-Shooting training

We help you to be prepared for a shooting day(s). How to talk for an online audiences, how to prepare educational, interviews content so it will catch viewers attention and holds it till the end.

Project branding

We prepare project branding templates so all post production will go fast and smooth and all materials will be adapted to your brand book needs.


We will direct your video shooting sessions and extract from you all the necessary information that help your leads become your customers.

Video shooting

We will gather professional video team and all necessary video, audio & lights equipment to record all the magic moments in the highest quality.

Producing management

We will take care of the whole project and manage it from time and budget perspectives, so everything will meet your deadlines and will be done at the highest management level.


We will edit, animate, color grade, adjust sound and clear the noise. Put all the parts together so you can be proud of the end media product you ordered.


We help you to distribute media products to targeted customers around the globe.

We can provide full video services. As a separate package video shooting session for 4 h (as minimum) can be provided too.

Other services

We consult on almost every digital business aspect or can connect to someone from our network who can help you. We have practical experience with digital projects from strategic side to the full execution of projects.

We help experts, authors and thought leaders convert their knowledge to self sustainable, self scalable business based on your expertise and our experience. We coach you through the full process, so you can easier build your business.

Funnels, business processes, strategy maps - you name it. The goal here is to build for you strong and vital digital business strategy, based on your business model and goals. Put every piece of the puzzle on one map.

Video ads, company introduction, company/product stories, funnel videos, online classes, onboarding processes, podcasts, webinars, etc. We help you with all your business media production from A to Z.

Need a simple website like this one and a hosting plan to store your files on internet, get emails and control your business online?

We have all needed solution to make your business accessible online.

We believe in synergies and teams. When right people meet to achieve something unordinary - the magic happens. The last decade we were actively involved  in development of few tech startups. Need experienced for co-founders?